Policies and documents

This page contains Raise Education & Wellbeing School policies, ready to download.

If you have any questions regarding a policy, contact a school administrator.

Child Protection & Safeguarding policy

Admissions policy

Curriculum policy

Positive Behaviour & Restorative Discipline policy

SEND and Inclusion policy

First Aid policy

Supervision of Young Persons policy

Anti-bullying policy

Curriculum Ethos

Relationships & Sex Education Policy

Exclusions policy

Health & Safety policy

Home-School Communication policy

Attendance policy

Complaints policy

Parent Code of Conduct policy

School Dress Code policy (for young people)


Positive handling policy

Operation Encompass

The school has been given the opportunity to take part in a project that will run jointly between schools and Greater Manchester Police. This is called Operation Encompass. 

This means that if police are called out to a domestic abuse incident the school will be notified so that they can care for your child’s needs the following day.

Visit the Operation Encompass website by clicking here