Sixth Form College curriculum (K5+)

Freedom to teach

Learning for life

Freedom to teach
Learning for life

Learning for life and preparing for the future

Our Sixth Form College, a provision for 16–21 year-olds with additional needs, offers students a bespoke academic and vocational learning plan alongside PSHE and SMSC personal development programmes.

Each student has a bespoke learning pathway based on their age, characteristics, needs, aptitudes, and work or further study aspirations.

In addition to academic and vocational learning opportunities, our PSHE and SMSC personal development programmes prepare students for independence and appreciation of life in modern Britain.

Impartial careers advice, employment skills, work experience, independent travel prepare young people for work. Independent and healthy living and pre-tenancy are key focuses within the provision.

Our Curriculum helps pupils to become:

Learners for life...

who enjoy progressing and furthering their knowledge at college and beyond

Independent adults...

with the willingness to work with others yet possess independent initiative

Responsible citizens...

who make positive contributions to their peer group and wider society

Confident, emotionally-resilient...

individuals who aim to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives

Skills and knowledge for further learning

Academic learning

In line with the students’ assessed academic levels – which are regularly tracked and monitored along with their career or further education aspirations – a range of accredited qualifications are offered.

These include GCSE maths, English, science and design & technology; functional skills, maths, and English language are offered from Entry Level to Level 2.

Effective assessment, tracking and monitoring of SMART targets alongside detailed feedback and marking supports young people in making good to outstanding progress.

Several educational interventions – including ‘catch up and recovery’, ‘stretch and challenge,’ short bursts of intensive work, 1-1 learning and reading and comprehension – enable students to reach their full potential.

Academic subject options

  • Citizenship GCSE
  • English Language GCSE
  • English Literature GCSE
  • Maths GCSE
  • Science GCSE
  • History GCSE

Functional skills

  • Numeracy (entry level to level 1)
  • Literacy (entry level to level 1)
  • ICT (entry level to level 1)


Get RIPPED: Personal Development & PSHE programme.

You can read more a little further down this page.

Skills and experience for employment

Vocational learning and work experience

In recognition of our student’s career goals, and in the context of local skills shortages, we offer a range of vocational learning opportunities.

They are delivered by qualified teachers and tutors with extensive sector-specific experience and knowledge and are accredited up to Level 2.

Our current offer includes construction, CSCS cards, food safety, graphic design, art and design, media and music, dance, and health and social care.

Vocational skills

(Entry level to level 2)

  • Animal care
  • Catering and food safety
  • Construction industry skills including CSCS
  • Health and social care
  • Customer services
  • Music and media
  • Arts awards
  • Photography
  • Art and design
  • Work skills and preparation for employment

Careers advice

All students at Sixth Form College receive independent careers advice and guidance including the use of Kudos Inspire, an online platform that identifies the numerous pathways and opportunities available to them. With support, this helps them to navigate complex academic and career landscapes and to create career plans.

Work experience & visits

Work and volunteering experience opportunities, along with approved educational visits, enable young people to experience different workplace and career options. Visits to local FE colleges and training providers help young people to explore additional opportunities in their chosen career pathway.

Personal development

Skills, values, attitudes and experience for life

To fully compliment our academic and vocational skills curriculum we have designed a bespoke PSHE and SMSC programme. 

  • Careers (Kudos and impartial work with local Connexions)
  • CV writing and interviewing skills
  • Independent living
  • Independent travel skills
  • Healthy living (personal health and lifestyle)
  • Get RIPPED NCFE level 1 personal development programme
  • .b 8-16 weeks mindfulness course
  • Pre-tenancy level 1 programme (supporting YP independent living)
  • Substance misuse awareness and support
  • Emotional literacy, resilience, and self-regulation skills

GCSE Citizenship

We offer K5 students the GCSE Citizenship syllabus to enable them to gain the knowledge, skills, experiences and values to prepare them for adulthood life in modern Britain.

Independent living

Raise ensures its young people learn about independent living and are fully prepared for the next stage in life. This includes an innovative personal development programme, to ensure that students are able to make good progress and realise their true potential.

Money matters

How to manage money and tips on budgeting.


Hints and tips on how to keep fit and healthy for life.

Making a home

How to make a home where you can look after yourself and be happy.

Legal rights

How the law may affect you in your daily life and how best to get advice.


What kind of relationships we want and need, how we can build them up, how to make them successful and what to do if things go wrong.

Life chances

Options for full-time or part-time work or study, going abroad, voluntary work, starting your own business etc., practical tips on reaching goals.

Being heard

How to make sure your opinion is heard at different levels; how you get on with people face to face to get what you need; how to have an impact on aspects of daily life; and how to get your voice heard on national issues.


Our own psychosocial education programme accredited at Level 1 by NCFE.

The programme encompasses all the seven areas of learning and focuses on PSHE, SMSC, embedded functional skills, independent living and self-care skills.

Recreation: improving lifestyle choices

Interpersonal Skills: communication skills, problem solving, family and personal relationships

Physical health: diet, reducing substance misuse, fitness, sexual health

Personal self-care: hygiene, safe choices, presentation

Emotional wellbeing: managing feelings, thoughts, finding help

Discipline and Respect: pro-social behaviour, personal organisation, ability to follow instructions

Mindfulness in Schools Projects (MiSP)

We follow internationally renowned evidence-based MiSP psychosocial education curriculum.

Our qualified mindfulness teachers deliver this to our students, supporting them with self-care and strategies to cope with stress and emotional triggers.

You can read more about our mindfulness provision on our Therapeutic Offer page.

Progression & destinations

Helping young people to make positive decisions about the future and find destinations that can take them to the next level.

Our Curriculum takes into full consideration:

  • The disadvantages that some pupils face
  • Age, aptitude, strengths and weaknesses
  • Background, living situation and needs
  • Learning styles
  • Goals and aspirations
  • Levels of independence

Our Curriculum Ethos

Raise Sixth Form College has a caring and committed team of highly qualified, trained, experienced, emotionally available adults to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children, young people and staff to feel safe, be safe, and develop and thrive.

The Curriculum Ethos framework (below) lays out how we map self-efficacy, self-regulation, knowledge and outcomes to our formal College Curriculum.

Click the image below to view a larger version.

Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact

Download the document by clicking here.