Our Vision

Raise the Youth Foundation is a not-for-profit Social Enterprise, set up to successfully engage the ‘hard to reach’ young people of Greater Manchester and beyond. We will provide the services, support and opportunities that create better life chances and enable young people to become adult citizens, who positively participate and contribute to their communities.

Core Values

We care about people, families, carers, neighbourhoods and the environment. We want to inspire people, partnerships and industry to invest in us and, in turn, help us to create a bright future for young people in Greater Manchester and beyond. Our Social Enterprise is devoted to making a positive impact within the community. We are determined to become sustainable and produce quality outcomes for young people and the community. We are committed to providing our unique and inclusive holistic services and programmes; enabling young people to be healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution to their families, their community and accomplish economic wellbeing.

Bringing together people, partners, neighbourhoods and industry, to raise marginalised children and young people (aged 11-25) – by providing a wide range of innovative Education and Wellbeing Services.