Jason Steele

Proprietor of School and College
Raise the Youth Foundation

Email: jasonceo@raisetheyouth.co.uk


Children and Young People are our future; our prosperity and they can be the change we want in our society. I want to inspire and bring individuals, groups, organisations and communities together in order to invest in the youth to equip them with the personal and interpersonal skills to enable them to become independently more successful; achieving personal, social and economic wellbeing, easing their path into adulthood and citizenship and thus creating a brighter, healthier, greener and more successful community which is inclusive and harmonious to all.


I care about society, everyone and everything. These are our communities! Regardless of class, race, gender, religion and beliefs, ability or inability, sexuality and identity and political association or affiliation, I believe that we are all human and should be respected and given the same rights, choices and opportunities to experience and maintain a safe, healthy and prosperous life for ourselves, our families and our communities.

Vision & objectives

To bring people, partnerships and industry together; to develop the community and create opportunities that enable positive experiences and investment for young people to become successful, talented, reformed, orderly and giving adult citizens.

Education & Qualifications


1993 – 1995: B.T.E.C Social Care Diploma, Oldham College

1995 – 1997: Diploma in Social Work, Salford University

2008 – 2009: Certificate in Social Science, Open University

2019 – 2022: MA in Mindfulness-based Approaches for Health and Wellbeing, Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice, School of Psychology, Bangor University


1995 – 1998: Youth Work Certificate, National Youth Agency

1996: Certificate of Teaching Children the Techniques and Fundamentals of Association Football, FA Coaching and Education Scheme and FA Coaching Badge

1997 – 2000: Level 3 Senior Social Work, Rochdale Social Services Department

2005 – 2006: Working With Young People and Substance Misuse, National Open College Network

2006 – 2007: Tackling Substance Misuse; Principles, Assessment, Planning, Care and Providing Rehabilitation Services, National Open College Network

July – Oct 2007: Specialist Practitioner Skills in Substance Misuse – Alcohol, National College Network

July – Oct 2007: Specialist practitioner Skills in Substance Misuse – Dual Diagnosis, National College Network

Nov 2007: Street Talk Substance Misuse Service Training; Acu Stim Practitioner Skills

Jan 2008: First Aid at Work (3 year licence), Bolton Council

March 2008: Level 2 Food Safety in Catering, Chartered Institute of Environmental Health

Oct 2008: ABAE Boxing Tutor, ABA – The Amateur Boxing Association of England Limited

2016: Governor Leadership Programme for Governors and Chairs of Governors Edge Hill University

2016: Level 3 Award in Education and Training

2016: Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP) Teaching Training for .b 11–18 year olds

2016/17: Diploma in Mindfulness – Centre for Excellence

2017: Restorative Justice in Schools

2018: Mindfulness and Leadership Master Class Programme – Oxford University

2019: School Mindfulness Lead Course (MiSP) (6 day residential course)

2019: Level 5 Diploma (with distinction) in Trauma and Mental Heath Informed Schools and Communities (Practitioner Status)


1998: New Social Work Fieldwork Training Course, Staff Development Unit, Rochdale Social Services Department

1998: LAC – Good Parenting: Good Outcomes, Staff Development and Training Department

March & April 1998: Physical, Emotional, Neglect and Sexual Abuse, Rochdale Area Child Protection Committee 

1998: Messages from Research – Child Development and Child Protection, Rochdale Social Services Department

1999: Induced Illness Syndrome – Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, Rochdale Area Child Protection Committee 

May & June 2000: Joint Agency Child Abuse Course in Accordance with Memorandum of Good Practice, Greater Manchester Police 

2002: Social Work Practice Teaching Programme, University Of Salford: School of Community, Health Sciences and Social Care

2003: Young People and Substance Misuse, Bolton Social Services Department

2015-2020: DSL Safeguarding in Lead in Schools

2018: Leadership in Safeguarding

Specialized Sex Offender Assessment and Intervention – AIM

Nov 2002: Project Foundation Training; assessment of Young people with sexually abusive behaviour, AIM

June 2003: Working with Black & Asian Young people whom Display Sexually Harmful Behaviour, AIM

Sept 2003: Assessing Young People whom Display Sexually Harmful Behaviour, AIM

April 2004: Comprehensive Assessment & Intervention with Young people whom Display Sexually Harmful Behaviour, AIM

June 2004: Managing & Supervising Staff Who Work with Young people whom Display Sexually Harmful Behaviour

Area Child Protection

June 2002: Chairing & consultation skills, Bolton Area Child Protection Committee

Nov 2003: Recognition & Response- Interagency work, Bolton Area Child Protection Committee

2008: Framework for Action, Bolton Safeguarding Children

Nov 2009: Risky Businesses – YJB Scaled Approach & the Youth Rehabilitation Order

Employment history

1995-1997 Part-Time Silver Service at Manchester United Football Club 

High quality customer service working in the executive boxes and looking after customer needs.   

1995 – 1998 Part-time Youth Worker, Oldham, Education and Leisure Services 

Directly involved in ‘face to face’ work with children and young people: providing social education, support and assistance and a unique befriending and advocacy service.  I have been fully active in a range of successful activities/events during summer programmes. 

I gained extensive experience and skill, in developing positive out-reach and centre based provisions. I have enabled individuals, groups and local people to use their time constructively, organise themselves and be actively involved in supporting young people, developing their communities and environment.

1996 – 1999 Residential Childcare Social Worker, Stepping Stones Children Unit, Marple, Stockport 

Providing direct, therapeutic services and care to Children and Young people ‘Looked After’ Under the Children Act 1989 (voluntary agreements and statutory orders). My ability to engage young people in activities and discussions enabled me to build positive and meaningful relationships and, in turn, provide appropriate care, control and protection. I have an exceptional and worthwhile understanding of Children and Young people who experience group living and foster care. I am effective in providing empathy, having patience and providing good family and parenting interventions. 

1997 – 2001 Childcare Area Social Worker, Rochdale Social Services Department

I have experienced a high level of competence in the full range of statutory childcare work and was successful in attaining my level three senior Social Worker status in 2000. 

I specialised in Child Protection; undertaking S.47 investigations, being key worker for children on the child protection register, representing the Department in Family and the High Court during care proceedings and planning, assessing and providing suitable family and residential placements for Children and Young people.   

My key strengths in this line of work were managing complex cases and situations, crisis intervention, interagency collaborative work, partnership with Children, Young People and their careers and working with Young People experiencing troubled adolescents.      

2001 – 2006: Senior Youth Offending Team Social Worker, Bolton Youth Offending Team  

I have effectively undertaken the full range of Services, Duties and Interventions under the remit and responsibilities of the Youth Offending Team.  I have specialised in Court work; being an Officer of the Court, representing the Council, reporting on young people, devising effective bail and remand packages, providing effective interventions and care of the young people and ensuring the protection of the public.   

I have been Case Manager for Cases of the highest of complexity and Risk levels. I have been the lead professional and responsible for conducting comprehensive assessments of Young People within the Criminal Justice System who are deemed to be high risk and vulnerable. I have specialised in working with and providing effective interventions to young people assessed as being dangerous and/or being at risk of self-harm and suicide.  

I have developed interventions and programmes for young people to address their offending and related behaviours, as well as support their families and carers.  I have been instrumental in the induction, training and development of new staff, students and volunteers, as well as the promotion and support of Team development. 

2006 – 2011: Integrated Resettlement Service (RAP) Manager, Bolton Youth Offending Team, and Bolton Council 

I have been pivotal in the development, management and efficient delivery of this unique resettlement and rehabilitation provision. I always strive for excellence and value, to produce services, programmes and projects that have a continuing impact for young people, their family and their communities, as well as meeting the aims and objectivities of Local and Central Government.  

Whilst managing the RAP project through to its transition to a fully Integrated Resettlement Service, I have accomplished the full range of project management skills, roles, duties and responsibilities.  In particular, I have successfully brought teams, departments and external partners together to create and sustain magnificent and beneficial schemes such as: Brunch Club – healthy eating and catering skills, social skills, learning lounge, arts, and leisure at the YMCA,  Health, Wellbeing and Lifestyle Programme; developed with Health Impact Trainer (HIT), providing a positive impact and change catalyst for Young People and staff to live healthy and positive lifestyles combining sports, gym work,  martial arts and relaxation.  The Together Project (large scale allotment project) – promoting healthy spaces, healthy food, education and skills, youth volunteering and community citizenship, access and places to learn and have fun for people with disabilities, as well as providing food for those in need around the communities of Bolton.   

I have developed, trained and supervised a diverse dedicated team, which consists of dynamic full-time staff, a volunteer coordinator, devoted volunteers, sessional workers and external contractors. The team deliver services, support and programmes from three separate project buildings (Action for Children, YMCA and YOT) as well as work undertaken in the wider community. 

I am proud of this unique and effective Service, which not only addresses the offending behaviour, lifestyles choices, thinking, moral development and pathways of our youth, but also focuses on the protection and development of our communities. 

I have been influential in the Government’s decision to cascade IRS (formerly RAP) throughout the country due to the successful outcomes of Bolton’s RAP service. My revealing research and gathering of statistical data has been instrumental in this decision. Bolton RAP has become a beacon of effective practice and service delivery.  

Through organising and taking the lead in Practitioner forums and Regional conferences I have promoted the sharing of good practice.  

I am proud to say our service has positively impacted on the lives of many within Bolton, helping them to get on the right track and take the right steps to success, by providing them with more opportunities in education, training and employment, sports and leisure, activities and events, places to stay and live, as well as having someone to talk and listen to. 

CEO and Founding Director of Raise the Youth Foundation – Community Interest Company Limited by Guarantee

Role and responsibilities 

  • Creator and founder 
  • Business planning 
  • Lead start up director 
  • Main investor 
  • Securing grants and investments 
  • CEO 
  • Leadership of an expanding social organisation  
  • Management and supervision of multi-disciplinary team – senior managers, accountant, sub-contractors, teachers, social care, youth work, community workers, trade staff, administration and business support, and creative industries 
  • Development of micro enterprises and supporting other groups for business start-ups 
  • Regional service provider – Oldham, Bolton, Salford, Trafford, Manchester
  • Leading on large commissions with local Governments, home office, charities, and social housing organizations, colleges and schools  
  • Policy development 
  • Staff development 
  • Community development 
  • Workforce development training, work placements and training (youth work community studies, social work, health and psychology yr 1/2/3 for over 10 years) 
  • Business development 
  • Human resources 
  • Workforce development plans 
  • Development and management of business and operating resources  
  • Creation and innovation of interventions, projects, and social and educational services 
  • Delivering expert childcare and youth work services and interventions 
  • Business start-ups 
  • Social entrepreneur
  • Local employer 
  • Public speaker 
  • Volunteer and student development 
  • Development of a new vocational and alternative education provision   
  • Accounts and financial management and control 
  • Strategic planning implementation, monitoring, and review 
  • CEO role and work with board of directors 
  • Reporting to Board, commissioners, and partners 
  • Marketing and sales 
  • Negotiating and managing business contracts and spot purchasing customers 
  • Public relations and working with other community groups, partnerships, Local Government, social housing organizations, charities, local, regional, and national businesses 
  • Expansion of business and managing increased demand and change management  
  • Designing, developing, and managing a youth education and training center 
  • Developing and creating studio RTY 
  • Planning and negotiating a new RTY service in Oldham

Contracts, Legal and Fundraising

  • UnLtd grant award to support social enterprise start-up 
  • Awards for All Lottery grant – to fund an innovative design education and personal development programme called Get RIPPED   
  • Key 103 – Cash for Kids Fund 2012 
  • Rotary Club funding – 2013/14 
  • O2 Business – Think Big funding 2012/13 
  • Bolton CVS Fund 2012 
  • Royal Bank of Scotland grant 2013 
  • Bolton Young Person’s Housing Homelessness Work Programme Contract 2011/2012 
  • Community Development Foundation Grant for community volunteering and drop-in projects 2013 
  • Bolton Council Housing and homeless welfare contract training and workability 2011/2012 
  • Bolton Council Neighborhood services: youth and community services contract 2013/14/15 
  • Bolton College: Off site specialist further education for complex students 2013/14
  • Bolton at Home (social housing Org) funding and land lease for Open space project –willows outdoor community horticulture training center 2011 – current 
  • Forever Manchester – Fairshare Grant – Community impact grant for Great Lever Bolton 2012 
  • Home Office – Communities against guns, gangs, and knife crime 2012/13 
  • Bolton at Home environmental projects – 2012/13 
  • Home office and Oldham Council: Ending youth gang violence 2012/13 
  • Department of Work and Pensions: Funded Work clubs and apprenticeships 2013/14 
  • Great Places Housing: landscaping projects, office removals, housing and office repairs 2013
  • Approved accredited learning centre for National, Open, College Network 2013 – current 
  • Salford City Council Joint Outcomes Fund: NEET and excluded children programmes 2013 
  • Salford City Council – Not School 2013 
  • Bolton and Oldham schools alternative education working with over 25 secondary schools 2012/13/14/15
  • Walmsley Chapel grounds maintenance contract 2012/13/14/1/5 
  • Bolton Council Unpaid work Contract: working with Young offenders on Court Orders 2014 – current contract 
  • Regenda Housing Group (regional social housing Org) Youth sports, health, and employability programmes 2012/13/14 
  • Homebase stores deliveries 2012/13
  • B & M bargains stores deliver service 2011/12/13
  • YMCA removals service 2012/13 
  • Action for Children Charity: decorating and office removals 2012/13 
  • Bolton at Home residents downsizing housing removals 2012/13 
  • Oldham Council European Social Fund – NEET and pre-sixteen-education contract 2013/14 
  • Approved Accredited Centre AQA 2014 – current 
  • Approved ASDAN Learning centre 2014 – Current 
  • Bolton council secondary Schools alternative education provision 2012/13/14 
  • Oldham Council Alternative education for high needs learners 2013/14 
  • Talent Match – GMCVO and Lottery Funded contract for employability of young people (18-24) 2014/15  
  • DfE Registered Independent SEMH School Status 2016
  • Approved Northern Council for Further Education NCFE 2016 – current 
  • Bolton Council 5-19 Service Great Lever Bolton 2016 
  • Approved Pearson’s Edexcel – GCSEs and BTEC 2017 
  • Provide Specialised Therapeutic education, wellbeing and skills to 11-25 year olds from Bolton, Oldham, Rochdale, Salford, Southark, Trafford 2016/17 
  • OFSTED first school grading Good School and Outstanding personal development, behaviour, and welfare 2017 
  • S.41 Secretary of the State Approved Specialist Education provider register 2017 
  • Commissioned youth work project for Tonge with the Halugh (Big Local – Lottery) 2017 – current 
  • Partnerships SOS connected youth and community development programme 2018/19/20 Bolton at home, Bolton Council, Onward Housing, Greater Manchester Police 
  • Reaching Communities Big Lottery programme Farnworth Bolton 2019/20


  • UnLtd Social Entrepreneur award 
  • Bolton Youth Worker Award 
  • Bolton and Bury Community Business of the Year 2012 (Bolton Council, Bolton Evening News, and O2 sponsors) 
  • Rotary Club Rose Bowl Award for Outstanding Service to Youth and Community 

Fundraising & Grants

1993 – 1995 secured Council funding for OPAL – an organisation working with people with learning and physical difficulties through a series of local media features and coverage of the fundraising events.  I planned, organised and took the lead in large scale fundraising activities and events such as Oldham pubs and nightclub evenings, hiring a restaurant, organising and providing the food and entertainment and thus providing the proceeds to the Charity.    

Through my involvement with youth football I have secured funding for football kit, equipment and funds for the hire of training facilities. 

I have been advisor to various charities and voluntary groups to enable them to secure funding. 

2006 obtained substantial grants and support from the Prince’s Trust, Big Boost Lottery Fund, Youth Offending Team, 360 – Young People’s Substance Misuse Service and Children Services leaving care team in order to create a fully functional commercial kitchen area to provide the Brunch club. 

2007 obtained grants from the Prince’s Trust to deliver arts and theatre projects for Young People not in education, training or employment. 

2008 secured funding from SITA Trust to create the ‘Together Project’, purchase operational equipment, capital and employ a youth volunteer coordinator to promote volunteering and provide accreditation for young people’s learning, skills and achievements.  

2006 – 2010 secured the Government’s Flexible Resettlement Fund to provide direct investment, services and support to young people to meet their needs in education, training and employment, accommodation and housing, Substance Misuse and emotional wellbeing, sports, lifestyle and constructive pursuits, family and relationships. 

Voluntary Work

1993 – 1995: Oldham, People’s Advocacy and Leisure (people with learning and physical disability) – research programmes and organising large scale fundraising events

1994 – 1995: Oldham Afro-Caribbean project – Mental Health Support Worker and Committee Member   

2000 – 2002: Youth Football Coaching and Management under 13s-16s, Chaddy End Juniors, Oldham

2008 – 2013: Youth Football Coaching, Management under 11s/12s/13s under 18s and Club Development Officer, Boundary Park Juniors

2008 – Present: Boxing and Lifestyle Coaching, Total Fitness 

Interests & hobbies

Mindfulness and personal and spiritual growth of me, people and society. Reading & learning about the self-help, psychology, religions, and society and people and the world we live in. Trauma and impact on people and associations with addictions, mental health and crime. Watching Films, listening to, buying, and dancing to music, art, long distance running, weightlifting, Boxing, Football – Playing and watching Manchester United (the boy inside the adult human being), Muay Thai, Tai chi, swimming, Yoga, and walking.

Current Personal and Professional Targets

To love, live, and laugh. To fill my cup and let it overflow so that my family, others, and the community flourish.

Develop Raise the Youth as a regional Youth and Community Education and wellbeing services provider.

Completion of the Masters in Mindfulness based approaches. To promote a mindful world through facilitating and inspiring others to catch essence and practice of mindfulness.

Inspire as many people as possible to dream, plan and achieve, thrive and flourish.

To be a leader and promote the wellbeing of children, young people, families, and neighborhoods. And be a voice for wellbeing of a nation – children and young people first – they are the foundation of a society we wish to have.

To acquire a Manchester United Executive box – to invite friends, family, service users, and Business clients