Therapeutic Support

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Therapeutic Support
Therapeutic horticultureLego Therapy Arts, Crafts and BakingMindfulnessWilderness TherapyExpressive Arts Therapy Equine TherapyRebound Therapy 

Therapeutic horticulture

Therapeutic Horticulture has a range of therapeutic and mental benefits to those that take part.  Staff use gardening, plants and horticulture to help individuals develop in terms of their social, emotional and mental health.

Lego Therapy 

A social development programme for children and young people with autism, spectrum disorders, or related social communication difficulties.


Arts, Crafts and Baking

Art is important for the development of all children and young people, but it is particularly valuable to children and young people with physical and learning disabilities.  The same benefits can be found through 1:1 group cooking experiences, enabling the learner to work in a group in a variety of roles, including leader and team member to create a finished product.


Raise works with all its children and young people to promote an understanding of Mindfulness by delivering direct learning opportunities and through the embedding of a whole school approach to mindful and meditative techniques.

Wilderness Therapy

Raise works with eQe Outdoors programmes and interventions that are designed and developed by professional and accredited therapists and outdoor learning specialists, developing participants both internally and externally.  This can be defined as having two elements: 1 – actively and expertly applying professional therapeutic approaches and techniques in the wilderness and woodland environments; 2 – passively facilitating and allowing the wilderness to be the therapist.


Expressive Arts Therapy 

This includes participating in music, drama, dance, or other art programmes helps learners release pent-up emotions, manage stress, improve mood and resolve conflicts.  These interventions offer tools and skills for lifelong success and fulfilment, by allowing learners a creative outlet for their emotions.

Equine Therapy

Therapist work includes using horses to develop people skills and social and emotional wellbeing.

Rebound Therapy 

An intensive 1:1 technique that comprises the therapeutic use of trampolines to provide opportunities for movement, exercise and recreation for people with additional needs