Core 7 Areas of Learning

Our whole organisation is focused on creating a positive now and a bright future for our young people. We offer the Core 7 areas of learning and an exciting, well rounded curriculum enables them to develop holistically.

  • Creative education through Studio RTY, music, graphic and website design, filmmaking, photography.
  • Linguistic education through English and literacy, songwriting, reading, developing positive affirmations.
  • Mathematical education – mathematics, numeracy, making beats and bars.
  • Scientific – learning about the human body, horticulture, food tech, visits and working with TIC centre, mobile phone repairs, substance misuse sessions, bike maintenance.
  • Technological – teaching ICT, using multimedia equipment.
  • Human and Social – developing positive thinking, problem solving, health and social care qualifications.
  • Physical and aesthetic – groundwork and environmental work, graphic design and artwork, painting and decorating, the beauty of world and spirituality, mindfulness, PX2, physical education.

seven areas of learning

The 7 areas of learning are framed within some of our core values:

  • Hard work
  • Respect for self and others
  • Looking forward to a positive career and a positive future
  • Democracy
  • Integration and inclusion
  • Making a positive contribution to helping others
  • Promoting good health

Educational Support

What Makes Education Work

A skilled, qualified and friendly learning support team to whom young people can relate – some of the team were Raise young people themselves in recent history.

Smaller classes which are less overwhelming and provide fewer distractions.

Our mixed timetable and a practical, active classroom helps to retain young people’s energy and focus.

Snacks, drinks and refreshments help to maintain energy and concentration.

Interactive lessons featuring group involvement and changes of staff to mix things up.

Regular breaks: Short bursts of learning ensure attention is focused and progress is made.

Use of interactive resources such as IT and floormats help learners with diverse learning styles.