Jason Steele, CEO of Raise The Youth Foundation and the proprietor of Raise Education & Wellbeing School, had been working with marginalised young people and managing complex cases and services for over 20 years.

Jason first created Raise The Youth back in 2011 (after taking redundancy from Bolton Council). His professional background was within Social Work at Bolton, Rochdale and Oldham Councils; first Child Protection then generic social work, which led onto working for the Criminal Justice System. He specialised in young people that were deemed to be high risk and vulnerable. The majority of these young people had special educational needs and/or were in the Looked After Care system. He did this for over a decade and, it was his experience working with these young people, that gave him a clear understanding of the needs of the community.

Then Jason helped to set up a pilot scheme for the Youth Justice Board, around resettlement and after care of young people that were coming out of custody – or for those at risk of custody. His involvement and development of this service, its programmes, and interventions was the apprenticeship and blueprint for Raise The Youth.

Jason’s own earlier years bore a strong resemblance to that of many of the marginalised young people Raise is now committed to help. He was fortunate to survive – but did – and worked hard to achieve qualifications, which helped him to progress in life. Jason was also determined to draw on his own personal experiences for some sort of social good and, in time, this was to be the catalyst that led him to create Raise The Youth and, subsequently, Raise Education & Wellbeing School.